The quickest way to invite warmth and good energy into your home is with candles. While candles don't last forever, the candle holders can. The best part of decorating your home is finding pieces that serve a function, and also add to your room's decor, and candle holders offer just that. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect set of your candles and your creative vision.


Take a look at your room and see what you:


  1. a) have safe space for and,


  1. b) what you'd like to have in your decor.


If you have limited space, hanging candle holders, or a sconce is an excellent choice. Sconces can hang from the ceiling, or mount on the wall. In this case, you'll want to consider switching to votive candles with protective glass, or battery powered, flameless candle - still giving you the desired visual effect without the risk.


For a calming mood in your bedroom, try scented candles or wax warmers that also act as accessories to your room's theme. Candle holders in glass offer a more delicate visual while a wood candle holder feels grounding. Again, this depends on your space. If you don't have a side table with enough room for accessories, check out a large pillar that sits on the floor, with several pillar holders for your gorgeous candles.


If you'd like your glass candle holder to take center stage but still want the lighting effect candles have to offer; a white, tealight candle is a great option. You can buy them in bulk for a low price and keep the flame going. Just make sure your holder has tealight holders specifically. If you're using natural candles, trim the wicker for safety keeping the flame strong to prevent it from going in directions that could become unsafe.


A fireplace mantel is the perfect setting to showcase your candle holders. Try going for contrast so they stand out. For example, if you have a wooden mantel, use glass or a metal holder to balance things out. If you're actively using your fireplace, take caution that your wax candle is protected and won't melt or lose its shape from the rising heat.


Get creative with your displays and experiment with various heights and shapes. Don't be afraid to mix and match; you just might surprise yourself.