Wreathes & Trees

Liven up your home with a few green garnishes. Wreathes, garlands and plants are beautiful to look at and make your spaces feel more inviting. Our collections include a variety of live and faux potted plants. You can also browse an excellent selection of arrangements consisting of dried, live and faux flowers and foliage. Choose from a variety of plant types and flower colors to accent your home decor.

Faux potted plants such as faux lemon trees, palm trees and fiddle leaf trees add greenery to your home, but do not require a lot of maintenance. Pottery Barn carries lifelike versions of popular plants that do not require water, soil or sunlight. Most live plants require sunlight to thrive; however, these alternatives offer the effect of thriving greenery for spaces that do not get a lot of direct sunlight. Because they do not require soil to grow or drop leaves in sub-par growing conditions, they contribute to cleaner, tidier rooms. Faux plants also make excellent choices for homes with pets, as cats and dogs are not tempted to chew on the greenery. To add an extra burst of color to your green space, add your plants to vibrant ceramic pots or large vases.

Live plants help clean the air in your home and make attractive additions to almost any room. Plants such as orchids and lavender have greenery and colorful blossoms, which can complement a variety of home decor. Pair potted plants with decorative objects to create eye-catching arrangements on your tables, shelves and ledges. Be sure to place your live plants in places with access to natural light to encourage growth and blossoming. You can even place many live plants outdoors in the summer to give them access to direct sunlight.

Live wreathes, garlands, arrangements and topiaries introduce an element of springtime to your indoor spaces and can add flair to your outdoor decor. Wreathes and garlands that include cut flowers and greenery do not require direct sunlight, which makes them great for shady areas in the home. Arrangements that include succulents can last for longer periods of time and can thrive indoors or in shady outdoor areas. Topiaries double as decorative objects, as they have interesting forms. Like succulents, many of these plants can last for long periods of time. Place these on trays on your tables to help protect wood surfaces or add them to shady parts of your patio in the summer. Arrangements that include succulents, ivy and moss require regular watering and good air circulation to encourage growth. They also require regular pruning to maintain their shapes.

Wreathes and arrangements consisting of dried plants are lower maintenance, but still include many of the benefits of live flowers. Pieces with flowers such as lavender are very fragrant and make your home smell like a summer garden. Faux flowers and greenery in wreathes and garlands can last a lifetime. You can also find plenty of items that include other decor elements such as metal shapes and paper. Add a seasonal flare to your front door decor or create a festive display in your home, and then stow your pieces in a cool, dry space during the rest of the year. Create a permanent burst of cheer with plants such as olive, eucalyptus and dogwood.

Caring for faux potted plants and arrangements is fast and easy. You can quickly wipe any dust away with a dry, clean cloth. To help them maintain their color, avoid exposing them to lots of direct sunlight. Dried plants can also last for a long time with a bit of extra care. Keep these in a dry place in your home and keep them away from water. As is the case with faux plants, you can clean these arrangements with a dry cloth.