Outdoor Furniture Cushions & Covers

Your outdoor space is probably one of the most beloved areas of the home. The fresh air inspires you, and your comfy furniture helps you relax. It’s a great spot for some alone time; you read or reflect in peace and quiet. And an attractive patio is also a favorite for entertaining. At Pottery Barn, we know just how amazing an inviting and comfortable backyard or balcony is. We want to help keep your happy place beautiful for as long as possible. With our custom furniture covers, pieces stay in top condition. Also, you can continually infuse excitement into any exterior layout using colorful outdoor furniture cushions with different styles and motifs. Here are a few decorating possibilities.

Outdoor furniture creates a mood for the space. So if you want to change that atmosphere a bit – maybe because of changing seasons, special events or just because you feel like it – it’s often as simple as slipping in new cushions with a different flair. Of course, there are a ton of options to appeal to any kind of taste, from formal to relaxed. Not sure where to start? One possibility is to play around with color. Shades have a deep effect on your emotions. They have the power to create feelings of love and romance, or a bright and energetic outlook. Once you figure out the color theme you’re looking for, it’s easy to use cushions and decorative pillows to bring it to life.

Imagine yourself at a dream resort or luxury hotel. What do you picture yourself doing? Walking along the beach or enjoying a massage at the spa? Now describe the colors that come to mind when you think of your own private paradise. That’s a clue as to what shades help you relax. White is fresh and pure. It’s very conducive to reflection and happiness. So if you want to lay back on a supersoft chaise, dipping your toes in a crystal-clear pool, natural or linen sand cushions are a good choice. Is leaping over ocean waves on a jet ski more up your alley? Vibrant island-inspired colors like Aruba or emerald will get you excited.

Colorful cushions make it easy to complement your home’s outdoor surroundings too. Enhance a gray deck with neutral seating tones like stone and mocha. If your favorite open-air spot is a sectional in the middle of your garden, add to the intimate feel with colors like jade green or fern. They bring the beauty of Thailand to your backyard. A dark wicker coffee table is a nice touch with this arrangement.

What makes our cushions so desirable? For one thing they’re very comfortable. Thick and firm polyester batting or foam give your body the support you need while treating it to luxurious softness. They bring a smile to your face every time. They’re also popular with guests for the same reason. Polyester canvas is water-repellent so your cushions stay dry. Our Sunbrella® is also resistant to mildew, fading, moisture and stains, and dries quickly. Either way, they’re easy to care for and are ready at a moment’s notice.

Bring a taste of Miami to your outdoor dining table with striped cushions. Tufted pieces give your dining area elegance and freshness. Swathes of color create a beach feel with chic. They combine well with outdoor dining sets that have sleek lines and hints of glass or metal.

Keep your furniture especially safe from the elements with custom-fit furniture covers. Dual layers of spun polyester and vinyl provide an impenetrable barrier against wind, rain, moisture and dirt. They’re UV-colorfast for up to 1,000 hours, so they even protect your sofas, sectionals and chairs from the sun. Their vibrant colors stay bright for a long time.

Our custom covers are easy to slide on and off. Zippers attach several covers together to protect sectionals and sofas, no matter what their shape. Whether you’re heading away for a few days or cold weather is approaching, furniture covers are a big help before, during and after. When you feel like relaxing or entertaining friends, just slide them off and your furniture is instantly dry, clean and beautiful.